Pumper 21 Squonk Mod

Pumper 21 Squonk Mod

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Asmodus Pumper 21 is a single 21700/20700 (battery not included) stabilized wood squonk mod with Asmodus' unique pump feed system.

Based on the Asmodus Spruzza's ingenious pump system SSS (smart siphon system) and the general feel and safety features of the Asmodus Luna the Asmodus Pumper 21 takes on a new ergonomic shape with a recessed button to help prevent auto firing.

The Asmodus Pumper 21 is an unregulated mod (no adjustable wattage or temperature control, just the full power of your battery) but has a wealth of safety features like the Luna that you don't get on a regular mechanical mod. The body of the Asmodus Pumper 21 is constructed from 304 stainless steel and beautiful stabilized wood to give a light weight but sturdy chassis. The SSS bottle holds 8ml of liquid and is constructed from high grade stainless steel top and bottom and one pump on the lever delivers the perfect amount of liquid to your atomizer.



The Pumper retains the protective features that the Luna had. This includes:


  • Negative Polarity;the LED will flash green when you install the battery correctly, the LED will not flash if installed incorrectly.


  • Low Voltage Protection; When the user’s battery hits 3.3v the mod will shut off, protecting the mod, battery health and most importantly, the user;the LED will flash RED five times indicating your battery is at 3.3v.


  • Work Overtime; The mod will automatically shut off when firing the mod for over 10 seconds to prevent any auto-firing moments.


  • Atomizer short Protection; The LED will flash red if the Luna detects a short in the user’s atty.


  • Overheat Protection; When the Luna Squonker mod reaches over 85 degrees, the mod will shut off automatically to prevent any accidents.