As of FRIDAY 20TH AUGUST - SATUDAY 4TH SEPTEMBER there will be no same day deliveries due to our delivery driver having a 2 week hiatus. (She's averaged about 30K miles in the last 6 months so the jeep is also in need of a service break!) Therefore, we will be using the IOM Post Office for those 2 weeks who have advised us that if orders are handed in before 5pm, they'll be with you the next working day (bank holidays excluded).

MTL Wire Reel

MTL Wire Reel

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MTL Clapton

  • Wire Guage: 28/40
  • Resistance:
  • Ni80: 5.2ohm/FT
  • SS316L: 3.22ohm/FT

MTL Staple

  • Wire Guage: 4-.1*.3/40
  • Resistance:
  •  Ni80: 3.06ohm/FT
  •  SS316L: 1.90ohm/FT

MTL Fused Clapton

  • Wire Guage: 2-30/40
  • Resistance:
  • Ni80: 3.74ohm/FT
  • SS316L: 2.31ohm/FT