Vaponaute Le Mirage RDA
Vaponaute Le Mirage RDA

Vaponaute Le Mirage RDA

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The French manufacturer Vaponaute with his next work: Le Mirage!

Just like the last atomizers by Vaponaute (Le Magister & Le Zepyhr), also Le Mirage is strictly limited and is only manufactured in a small edition. All 2400 atomizers are 100% Made in France!

The deck of the Le Mirage is simple and effective. The positive pole in the middle of the deck has two negative pole attachments to disposal - Le Mirage can easily be connected with one or two coils. Both Mesh and cotton can be used. The holes for the wicking material each having a diameter of 3.2 mm.

According Vaponaute Le Mirage is not a cloud chaser. Instead, the French have again focused entirely on the taste. So Le Mirage has an extremely reduced atomizer chamber and a new air flow concept. By placing the air holes in a 180° angle there is a huge vortex of air - this increases both, the vapor production as well as the flavors development. The complete atomizer chamber (or TopCap insert) is made of PEEK.

Features Le Mirage

  • 180° Airflow ensures a strong air turbulence
  • 2.8ml tank capacity
  • Single- or DualCoil
  • Top Cap insert completely made of PEEK
  • Extremely reduced atomizer chamber